Jobvite Has the Latest Reports on Social Recruiting and Hiring Trends

Trends in recruiting and hiring change — often. To stay in the know and to be able to properly forecast trends, Jobvite does a lot of research, interviews a variety of recruiting-industry insiders and conducts surveys fanatically.

As a result, Jobvite has a wealth of data and insight into how people are looking for jobs, how employers are searching for candidates and how both are connecting on social media and social networks.

Take a few minutes to look through our reports. We think you’ll find plenty of data and analyses that will give you a better picture of how the world of talent acquisition is changing so you can stay well-informed and make better decisions when it comes to using technology and creating a social recruiting strategy.


2014 Jobvite Job Seeker Nation Study

The numbers don't lie. Our 2014 Job Seeker Nation Study provides real-world data on how today's candidates search, act, and think when it comes to social networks and job hunting. Learn which social sites provide the greatest value for job seekers -- and how you can capitalize on these statistics in the war for talent.

Study: What is Your Most Effective Source of Hire?

Download our Aberdeen Talent Acquisition Sourcing Study: "What Is Your Most Effective Source of Hire?" to learn how to get more from your employee referral and social media strategies. Find out which metrics matter when tying sourcing to performance and what's missing from the traditional ATS.

Jobvite Survey: Social Recruiting Survey 2013

Curious how your strategy compares? Our Social Recruiting Survey results will show you...

2012 social job seeker survey
Jobvite Survey: Social Job Seeker 2012

Job seekers are out in full force — with an impressive majority actively looking or open to finding new employment. In its third annual Social Job Seeker Survey, Jobvite brings you some eye-opening and important statistics about the real mindset of candidates in today's job market.

social recruiting survey 2012
Jobvite Survey: Social Recruiting Survey 2012

As job seekers continue to scan the social Web for opportunities, recruiters have adopted social recruiting tactics that have changed the business of hiring. The annual Jobvite 2012 Social Recruiting Survey indicates that the social recruiting trend is on the rise as recruiters continue to retain higher quality candidates through social networks.

preview social recruiting survey 2011
Jobvite Survey: Social Recruiting Survey 2011

Each year Jobvite publishes the industry barometer on how employers are using social networks to recruit. Get the complimentary report for detailed information on current social recruiting trends and practices.

preview social job seeker
Jobvite Survey: Social Job Seeker Survey 2011

It’s no secret that job seekers (active and passive) use social networks to find jobs. So how do you and your corporate recruiting team keep a pulse on your ideal candidates’ attitude and behaviors online?

Screen shot 2012 08 31 at 11.57.34 AM
Jobvite Survey: Social Recruiting Survey 2010

For both candidates and companies, social media offers a way to digitize referrals, market themselves, conduct research, publicize their intentions and needs, and connect with those who have similar interests and goals.

preview job seeker nation 2010
Jobvite Survey: Job Seeker Nation 2010

Who are the Proactive Career Managers and how can you attract this motivated talent to your company? Get the results of our nationwide survey of working Americans for detailed information on job search intentions and practices now.