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2014 Job Seeker Nation: Mobility in the Workforce Study

You know today’s competitive job market makes good talent hard to find—but do you know why? Are highly skilled workers just more difficult to pin down? In our new "Job Seeker Nation: Mobility in the Workforce Study," we take a look at these questions and more, ultimately defining both high and low mobility employees. And what we’ve found could have a huge impact on how you source and engage with the candidates you want most.

How to Become a Recruiting Powerhouse

Download "How to Become a Recruiting Powerhouse: A Practical Guide for HR and Hiring Managers" to learn how to stock your job pool, utilize employee referrals and screen candidates efficiently.

How to Build a Rich Talent Pool

Jobvite’s new eBook, “How to Build a Rich Talent Pool,” shows you four important steps that will help you attract and engage an ongoing stream of high-quality talent—before you even need to hire. With tips about everything from crafting and leveraging a strong employment brand to making the best use of social media, this free resource provides critical guidelines that will change how you think about sourcing and marketing to today’s millennial workforce.

Career Sites That Sell Cover
Career Sites That Sell: 4 Ways You Can Win More Applicants

The most successful career sites don’t post laundry lists of job qualifications, and they don’t look like static catalogs. Instead, today’s winning career pages appeal to a new generation of workers by presenting an ideal combination of creativity, interaction, usability, and authenticity. Find out what they do—and how you can do it, too—in our latest eBook, “Career Sites that Sell: 4 Ways You Can Win More Applicants.” You’ll get valuable insight into the tools and techniques used by some of this year’s hottest employers.

Metrics That Matter: 4 Ways to Prove Your Worth

In the second book of our Insight4theEnterprise series, Jobvite explores four important steps that can help recruiters identify, visualize, and consistently deliver the metrics that matter most to the business. Historically, metrics have been something of a gray area—where recruiters have had difficulty comparing apples to apples, and communicating results has been tedious. Now Jobvite helps demystify the metrics madness in “Metrics that Matter: 4 Ways to Prove Your Worth.”

4 Steps to Getting Executive Buy-In for the Recruiting Platform You Need

Don’t let management misconceptions keep you from getting the technology you need to do your job successfully. In “4 Steps to Getting Executive Buy-In for the Recruiting Platform You Need,” the first eBook in our new Insight4theEnterprise series, you’ll learn how to get executives to see the real ROI behind recruiting technology.

Six Ways to Make Video Interviewing Work for You

On the heels of our release of the new Jobvite Video application, we're pleased to offer a new eBook featuring best practices for video interviewing. This free resource, "6 Ways to Make Video Interviewing Work for You," provides a handful of informative hints that will help you record the right questions, configure the right branding, and define response parameters.

Phoenix from the Ashes: How Innovation Will Help the ATS Rise Again

The modern ATS has evolved and turned into a comprehensive resource. Download the eBook to learn what this new full-featured recruiting platform should look like.

Recruitment Talent Acquisition Study

In this detailed research paper from the Aberdeen Group, you’ll learn which best-in-class strategies are proven to help organizations succeed in sourcing, hiring, and retaining highly qualified employees.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Recruiting

In an era where jobs, jobseekers, and technology are constantly changing, it can be difficult for recruiters to adjust to the new climate. Take a look at the top "sins" recruiters commit today and gain tips on attracting applicants, tracking candidates, and boosting employment brand.

Jobvite 2013 Social Recruiting Survey Results eBook

Social recruiting has grown up and has seen universal adoption across industries. Anyone not leveraging social referrals is behind the curve. Download Jobvite's 6th Annual Social Recruiting Survey Results to see how your social recruiting strategy compares.

Eyes on the Prize: 5 Ways to Take the Sourcing Frontline in the War for Talent

Are you ready to win the war for talent? Jobvite is here to prepare you. We offer a complete recruiting platform designed to help you hunt for, connect with, and ultimately hire and retain the right employees for the right jobs.

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The Recruiter's Insider Series: Optimizing Your Employee Referral Program

Optimizing Your Referral Program is an essential guide for anyone who is interested in implementing a new referral program—or for those with existing programs that are looking to improve their success rates.

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The Essential Guide to Developing a Social Recruiting Strategy — Part 1

Learn what social recruiting actually means and how you can use it to directly benefit your company's hiring practices.

The Essential Guide to Developing a Social Recruiting Strategy – Bigger. Better. Hired. Part 2

Social recruiting is here to stay, so how can you use it to directly benefit your existing recruiting and hiring strategy? This workbook is a comprehensive guide that will walk you through key steps on how to build your strategy and execute it effectively and consistently while integrate company's qualities and requirements.

The Essential Guide to Developing a Social Recruiting Strategy — Part 3

The best way to ensure the continued success of your social recruiting strategy is measurement. In order to improve, we must revisit what we've learned during the phases of strategy execution. The final part of this workbook provides a step-by-step guide on what and how to measure your social recruiting success.

Jobvite UsabilityMatters
Usability Matters: Why the User Experience in Recruiting Technology Can Make or Break Your Hiring Process

Matching good jobs with strong candidates is tough work that requires comprehensive technological support. Recruiters need ways to look for talent in the right places. Candidates need easy access to job openings that suit their skills, along with a straightforward means to apply for jobs that interest them. Recruiters and hiring managers also need effective tools that let them research prospects and schedule interviews, so they can rapidly determine if there’s a good match.

can the suite complete ebook
Can the Suite Compete? - What Every Recruiter Needs to Know

Ah, the great Best-of-Breed vs. Suite debate. Should you purchase an entire software set, even if you only need one or two areas of functionality, because it claims to connect all your business systems easily? Or do you turn to vendors that focus on delivering high-quality solutions in a single arena, so you only have to buy the systems you need?

preview essentials success
9 Essentials Guide for Recruiting Success

It's no secret that corporate recruitment success depends on winning and attracting top quality candidates. So what's the best way to grow your talent pipeline—and keep costs down? Read the 9 Essentials to Corporate Recruitment Success to find out.

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21 Career Sites that Sell

Career pages are among the most highly trafficked pages on your website. It's up to you to make those visits count. In this new eBook, you'll learn how 21 companies like yours created career sites to capture the interest of the right talent and convert them into hires.

A How-To Guide for Companies on Increasing Referrals & Reducing Costs

Learn about real world strategies that optimize referral rates, creating quality candidates and low cost per hire. This new eBook demonstrates how companies of all sizes are applying practical and easy steps to boost their referral rates.

Recruiting Analytics: 5 Ways to Benchmark Success

There's a new recruiting metrics model. How and why is it different and what are the new best-practice benchmarks? Find out in this new eBook with details on what to measure, how to measure - and communicate results to senior management.

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10 Great Moments in ATS eBook

Learn how you can integrate yesterday's applicant tracking innovations with the new developments of today's social web to drive greater hiring success.

preview social recruiting playbook
Social Recruiting Playbook – 10 Winning Strategies for 2012

The beginning of each year marks an influx of hiring among companies as budgets are approved and company growth has been forecasted. This playbook provides you 10 proven strategies for recruitment success in 2012.

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33 Social Recruiting Stats

Are you reaching the best possible talent pool? Understanding the latest data on social recruiting empowers you to benchmark and refocus strategies that drive effective hiring. Pulling from the latest national polls and customer surveys, this eBook gets at the stats that count in social recruiting.

preview secrets recruiting
5 Secrets to Successful Social Recruiting

Social media has emerged as a tool to reach out to referral candidates directly and as a method for potential candidates to share their work histories online. In this eBook, learn five simple secrets to social recruiting success that you can use right now.

preview optimize network
5 Simple Steps to Generate Referral Hires

Experts from Fistful of Talent provide you network-building communication and marketing plans that works. Download the eBook to find out how to build a network and content strategy to attract the right talent through employee referrals and social networking today.