Jobvite Refer – Let Your Employees—and Their Connections—Help you Target the Right Talent

Jobvite Refer - Let Your Employees and Their Connections -- Help you Target the Right Talent

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Looking to harness the power of the social web in your hiring and sourcing processes? Jobvite Refer provides your employees with a fast and easy-to-use tool for sharing job openings within their social networks. Employee Referral helps you reach more passive candidates, promote your company’s employment brand, track your success, and spot your top referring employees—all with an eye on cost-efficiency.

Here’s an overview of what Jobvite Refer has to offer.


Social Recruiting

Help employees easily and regularly refer their social networking connections by sending Jobvites or automating broadcasts through social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Use built-in tools to encourage, manage and measure employees’ progress in social recruiting.

Facebook Applications

Use several different Facebook applications to make it easy for employees to refer their connections for career opportunities. Use matching technology to identify potential candidates among employees’ Facebook friends, and enable employees to extend private invitations to apply for job openings.

Recruiting Intelligence

Use real-time metrics to measure the success of your referral efforts. See which employees refer the most prospects—as well as how they are referring them—and reward employees for their participation.


Create informative reports that demonstrate referral sources and hiring rates. Schedule reports, and export them to Excel.

ATS Integration

Leverage your existing recruiting technology investments. Integrate directly with any modern applicant tracking system