Jobvite Gives You Two Facebook Apps to Recruit and Hire Great People

Jobvite offers your company two applications for hiring great talent on Facebook: Work With Us and the Jobvite Facebook Application. With only a couple of clicks to install, you’ll be sharing information about job opportunities at your company with your Facebook fans and friends.

Here's a look at what the Work with Us and Jobvite Facebook Application give you for finding the right candidates on the world's biggest social network.

Work With Us

Work With Us is an application that creates a Jobs tab on any Facebook fan page, giving recruiters you power to effortlessly publish jobs to Facebook and reach new audiences. Any visitor to your fan page can browse current jobs at the company and can apply and send Jobvites to their contacts. Work With Us also allows you to:

  • Search Job listings by keywords.
  • Automatically update job information.
  • Manage and track referrals, job browsing, applications and Jobvite sends.
  • Organize job listings by department and location.
  • Track and see every application that comes in.
  • Navigate hundreds of job listings with ease.