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Metrics from Jobvite now help us track time-to-fill and time-to-hire, and it has really helped us trim down the process.
Jenny Dupre
HR Manager, CalTech


  • Tracking candidates and procuring metrics
  • Maintaining efficiency in the hiring process
  • Encouraging and managing referrals


  • Shorter, more efficient hiring process
  • High-quality, recommended candidates
  • Fully integrated, streamlined tracking system

CalTech Jumpstarts Hiring Efficiency and Management with Jobvite Hire

At IT company CalTech, providing banks and financial institutions with information technology support requires a suite of advanced tools and an expert team of employees. Between supporting clients and always remaining on the cutting edge of IT, CalTech has focused on providing value and strategy to their clients for over 15 years.

CalTech’s hiring management team focuses their efforts on knowledgeable computer technicians and network engineers. However, without an advanced system on their side, HR Manager Jenny Dupre and her team had a difficult time keeping up with an influx of applicants and managing the company’s many referrals. Additionally, without the support of a sophisticated applicant tracking system, determining progress and evaluating hiring success was close to impossible.

After testing several applicant tracking systems to find the perfect fit for CalTech, Dupre’s team selected Jobvite Hire because of its efficient candidate management capabilities, built-in referral system, and in-depth tracking process.

Now that the system has been fully integrated, Dupre’s team has no intent on switching. “We looked at a lot of the other products and even today, when we look at HR products, many have applicant trackers but they just pale in comparison to Jobvite,” Dupre explains. “Other systems are just not nearly as robust, and there is less you can accomplish.”