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American Wedding Group

Jobvite Video has allowed me to organize everything. The video does what a one-hour phone screening would do, but even better.
Scott Mitchell
Director of Production, American Wedding Group


  • Reaching quality candidates
  • Managing hiring system
  • Tracking hires


  • Quicker hiring process
  • More quality candidates
  • Industry-relevant hires

American Wedding Group Reaches High Quality, Creative Candidates with Jobvite

For family-owned wedding services company American Wedding Group (AWG), an outdated, manual hiring system simply wasn’t working.

As the nation’s leading provider of wedding photography, video, and disc jockey services, matching customers with quality employees has been an important facet of the company’s success since its inception in 1978.

Operating in over 60 markets, AWG works to deliver a handpicked, customized wedding experience to brides and grooms across the country. However, AWG’s nine hiring managers were having difficulty managing the company’s growing talent acquisition process through its traditional by-hand process. After a review of solutions, Director of Production Scott Mitchell selected Jobvite Hire over several other options due to its ease of use, reach, customizability and multiple login options.

Jobvite has allowed AWG to transform its talent system and accelerate the company’s growth.

With the addition of newfound organization and expanded reach to the company’s already impressive offering, “we’re doing things now that we never thought we could pull off, and that wouldn’t have happened with our old hiring methods. Jobvite invigorated our entire recruiting process,” says Mitchell.